Tutu’s & Petticoats

I have always been obsessed with petticoats and tutu’s for as long as I can remember. As a child I was in dance class for about 3 years. I loved to wear my tutu’s to class and when ever my mom would let me :/ I felt like a princess in them and completely loved it.  Even now at age 29 (shhh) I would still rock a tutu or a petticoat if it didn’t label me as a fashion victim or a lunatic. This being said, I can’t wait for Halloween, which is in 2 days. I will be able to wear my PETTICOAT or TUTU and feel like a fashion victim or a lun 🙂  Since there is only one day a year that I can wear these two wonderful fashion garments I was thinking of doing a photo shoot with them.  Punk ballerinas?  Anyone have any thought? Hopefully my friend Jeff Diaz will be my photographer for the shoot 😉 I hope the photo shoot will inspire women to wear tutu’s and petticoats on a day-to-day basis. Screw it, I might as well wear them whenever I want and inspire women to wear them 🙂

A few Inspirations for the shoot 🙂

Images from Glamour Poland, via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2007, Jean-Paul Gaultier

found on http://favim.com/image/65017/


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