Someday I know (video)

Here is a video of mine and Jeff’s shoot…

Inspirations for the shoot…

We were going for a black monochromatic color scheme, with a romantic edgy feel to it. Sheer and flowy fabrics were incorporated in the shoot to give a romantic feel. The black monochromatic color scheme gives the look a more edgy feel.


In a Lonely Place (Shoot)

In a previous post I showed you all a behind the scenes video of Jeff and I first fashion shoot together.  Here are a few of the images we came up with:

jeff 2jeff 3jeff 4jeff shoot


Ahhhhh!!!!!! What a great price…

I am by far a total shopaholic :/  I love to shop anytime I have a chance too.  When I am home I will also shop online :/  I love clothes, but I must admit that shoes are my ecstasy… On that note, I have been on a total shoe binge lately and wanted to share with all of you the fabulous shoes I have recently purchased. Now these were all purchased at a great price and “at a great price” is what justifies my madness for shopping 🙂

shoe 1

T.J. Maxx $30.00

shoe 2

Macy’s $130.00

shoe 3

Macy’s $75.00

Kensie Shoes, Feist Oxford Wedges

Waiting for these 🙂

Macy’s $80.00

Interview with Jeff Diaz Fashion photographer

He has recently graduated from the Academy of art University in San Francisco, California with an Associate degree in fashion photography. He is extremely passionate in his craft and very hard-working.  He doesn’t just settle for mediocre shots he shots and shots until he has the perfect one and keeps going to make sure he has the perfect one.

I am very pleased to be interviewing Jeff and to be able to share it with all of you 🙂


How did you get started in photography? 

 I always took a liking to photographing random things around my house and photographs of family members growing up.


How old were you when you took photography seriously?

 I’d say I started taking it really seriously at age 19

When did you realize you wanted to go to college for photography? 

When the community college I attended had a bad photography program.

Was fashion photography your main focus from the start or did you fall into it? If you fell into it how?

Fashion photography was not my main focus starting out; I just liked photographing people doing really weird funny stuff. I started to get into fashion when I decided to try out photographing more than just people doing funny things. I started photographing girls I had crushes on at school, through that attraction I started to develop an eye for finding the beauty in people and photographing it.


Where do you get inspirations from for your shoots?

 Music, Cinema, I never hold back in my imagineering. No matter how crazy the idea is I always write it down or make a voice recording and review what crazy stuff I said a few days later to make sure the idea is solid.

 Which fashion photographers do you look up to? Why?

I look up to quite a few photographers…

1. Lachlan Bailey, this guy is my all time favorite photographer. He shoots almost all-natural light, which I respect. He has a great eye for beauty in women, he has excellent rapport with his models and it shows in his work. Lachlan has great sense of light and style; he has a simple and almost geometric theme to his work. I admire his simplistic style.

2. Guy Aroch – He has a very cinematic and voyeuristic eye to his photography. He has amazing sense of color toning in his work. I respect a photographer that has great sense of color toning because it plays a big part in setting mood for the viewer.

3. Brigitte Sire – She has a very clean and consistent look to her photographs. What I enjoy about Sire is her consistency, she has a signature tone to her work and I respect that. A photographer is great when anyone can look at their image and know “OH YEAH that’s Brigitte Sire’s work”

4. David Bellemere – what can I say, this is a photographer who knows mood and lighting like it’s no ones business. David’s work is so dreamlike it makes me cry and the dreamlike visual treatment David uses in all his work is masterful.

What has been your biggest problem while shooting? And how did you get through it?

 Not shooting enough frames with each scene. Starting out I tended to over plan each shot. From the site location, time of day, weather condition and lighting condition. I would shoot for the design I created weeks in advance and never try to modify it. I learned to shoot more frames of each scene and edit within the view-finder, I find that editing through the view finder helps reveal more from the scene to find that shot.

 What has been you biggest accomplishment to date?

 Documenting a music band for 14 weeks and one of my photographs from that project was posted on a music website. Really cool.

Do you like the way fashion photography is heading, with video coming into the scene? Why or why not?

 I love the way fashion photography is heading with video; I mean it’s a new way of communicating with the audience. Since almost every DSLR has video recording built-in anyone can put together a fashion short to communicate their message to a viewer. Motion is a big part of our mobile device driven world, everyone has a tablet or a smart phone, we live in an age where we can be in the elevator with a famous photo editor or art buyer and with enough charm an “elevator pitch” can be given and a video reel can be shown on the spot.

But yeah, video is going to be bigger than ever in the coming years. Software is becoming more powerful, so are DSLR equipment and lenses that are geared towards motion. Motion in my opinion can catch beauty more efficiently than photographs.

Do you think you will become one of the “starving artist?” Why or why not?

 I will not become a starving artist. Solution to that is thinking positively and staying on the edge in terms of technology and concepts. It’s all about that next big idea that’s so crazy people can’t help but except it, and it’s those crazy ideas that get you noticed and gets your foot in the door.

Jeff is a brilliant fashion photographer and driven artist. I have no doubt that he will become a great fashion photographer and I look forward to working with him again in the near future.  I think everyone should keep an eye out for his photographs.  If you want to check out his photographs his website is  As a teaser I’ll give you a behind the scenes look from our first fashion photo shoot together called In a Lonely Place 🙂



Gyspy Romance

Another 1st fashion photo shoot I did at school.  We had to pair up into groups of 3 and create a concept and shoot in a studio.  Katarina Madrid, Kristina Manuzon and myself came up with Gypsy Romance.  An eclectic look using muted and pastel colors with soft floral fabrics, mixed metallic’s, and leather accessories. Our photographers name was Marzette Henderson and our models name was Alicia Harell. Hair done by Jai Carillo and Make-up by Kaoutar Bellaouchi. If you like the photography check out Marzette’s website at

As for the Gypsy Romance fashion photo shoot here it is 🙂



Edie Sedgwick (Still life photo shoot)

This was my first photo shoot for school.  We had to pick a fashion icon and create a still life photo shoot inspired by the fashion icon of our choice.  I chose Edie Sedwick. For those of you who don’t know who Edie Sedwick was, she was a socialite, fashion model and actress in the 1960’s. She also known for being Andy Walrhols muse. I chose to do my project on her because she was a fashion innovator and I love her style.  There was even a movie made about her called Factory Girl, which Sienna Miller plays her, another woman whose fashion style I admire very much.  If you haven’t seen the movie it is really good and I totally recommend it.

Here is the trailer to the movie factory girl..

In the photos posted below are my photos of my still life editorial inspired by Edie Sedwick. Hope you enjoy it:)



Photos were taken by a great photographer named Carmen Campos. If you want to check out more of her photography her website is and her blog is

How to make TUTU’s!!!!! :)

In a previous post I had mentioned my obsession with tutu’s and how I was planing on doing a ballerina punk inspired fashion photo shoot, in which I was going to style.  I want to make my own tutu’s for the photo shoot, but didn’t know how to make them. I searched the internet to find an easy way to make them, in which case I watched about 6 or 7 videos and found that this was the best one.  I must admit I thought making them would be a little difficult but it turns out that it is actually very simple.  Here is the video. I hope you enjoy it and find it as easy as I did to make them.

Tutu’s & Petticoats

I have always been obsessed with petticoats and tutu’s for as long as I can remember. As a child I was in dance class for about 3 years. I loved to wear my tutu’s to class and when ever my mom would let me :/ I felt like a princess in them and completely loved it.  Even now at age 29 (shhh) I would still rock a tutu or a petticoat if it didn’t label me as a fashion victim or a lunatic. This being said, I can’t wait for Halloween, which is in 2 days. I will be able to wear my PETTICOAT or TUTU and feel like a fashion victim or a lun 🙂  Since there is only one day a year that I can wear these two wonderful fashion garments I was thinking of doing a photo shoot with them.  Punk ballerinas?  Anyone have any thought? Hopefully my friend Jeff Diaz will be my photographer for the shoot 😉 I hope the photo shoot will inspire women to wear tutu’s and petticoats on a day-to-day basis. Screw it, I might as well wear them whenever I want and inspire women to wear them 🙂

A few Inspirations for the shoot 🙂

Images from Glamour Poland, via Fashion Gone Rogue.

Paris Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2007, Jean-Paul Gaultier

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